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Delicious naming from


The Salnikov company loves to surprise its customers. In 2015, she decided to present another surprise - a new product that will combine both a bright unusual taste and a democratic price. Outside, it looks like an ordinary dumpling or khinkali. But inside this product there is a special filling: real aromatic home-smoked bacon and vegetables that successfully emphasize its taste.
We were faced with a very interesting task: to come up with a name that will not only become the name of the new product from Salnikov, but also, possibly, will title the entire new category of products. We thought that the name should be as simple as possible, such that the consumer himself could give to the novelty he loves. And after tasting, impressed by the bright smoked taste, we suggested a simple and soulful name "Kopchuny".
The advantages of this name are that it conveys to the consumer the uniqueness of the new product, stands out in supermarket refrigerators and is easy to remember. We are sure that soon "Kopchuny" will become a welcome guest in all kitchens of the city.

Client: «Salnikov»

Category: Branding

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