Private label redesign Family Life

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Private label redesign Family Life

A profitable purchase should also be beautiful, the management of the Holiday company decided. And he turned to us with a request to update the packaging design of instant food products under the brands "Profitable Purchase" and "Family Life". We were faced with three tasks. First, it was necessary to make a package of Family instant noodles in the mouth, thereby stimulating to buy. Now “Family Life” packaging looks decent in comparison with competitors.Secondly, we had to transfer the “Profitable Purchase” mashed potatoes to the more expensive “Family Life” segment. Therefore, in addition to the new logo, a bright and juicy image of the dish appeared on the packaging. We've added colors to make the packaging stand out on the shelf. And we have strengthened the color navigation by tastes to make it even easier for the buyer to navigate the product line. Our third challenge is to freshen up the design for the bargain-brand instant noodles. It was necessary to make the packaging worthy of the shelf of a modern supermarket, but at the same time corresponding to the low-price segment. We've worked on colors, images and layout. And "Profitable Purchase" became much more appetizing. Life ”brighter and more visible on the shelf. To solve this problem, we have focused on a truly mouth-watering dish. Juicy chunks of beef and toasted chicken that adorn the golden noodles asks for.


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