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Kruche! for AquaLand

Naturally. Tasty. At home. Iskitim producer of natural carbonated drinks AquaLand approached the agency with the task of developing an image for its new product line. The new drinks are distinguished by their natural composition, specially purified water, natural sugar syrup and, of course, tastes familiar from childhood. Medium carbonation of the drink allows you to fully reveal the taste of the natural components of the drink. In the process of work, we drank more than one liter of soda. And each of the tasters noted a very mild and natural taste of the drink - the way we remember it from childhood. On this nostalgic wave, the concept of "Homemade lemonade" was proposed. Anyone who made lemonade at home knows that a homemade drink is primarily determined by the traditional soft and natural taste. This is what became the main theme of the graphic solution. When creating the label, we started from childhood memories. About the times when our mothers and grandmothers prepared truly delicious and natural lemonades, and the labels were cut and signed with their own hands. The curly label idea has turned into a technological challenge for us. The characteristics of the equipment did not allow applying a shaped label to the bottle or printing it on a transparent base. Therefore, we selected the pattern and color of the backing for each drink in such a way that on the store shelf the label looks like a natural continuation of the drink bottle.The Domashny Lemonad brand combines the Classic, Grushevy, Tarhun, Buratino, Cream Soda and Traditional Kvass drinks. They create a unified product line that makes consumers want to try each of the flavors of Homemade Lemonade. And the simple and clear graphics of the label allows you to clearly position the product in the middle price category, without competing with more expensive brands.


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