Redesign of premium spices "Around the world"

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Redesign of premium spices "Around the world"

We have updated the design and shape of the packaging for the Vokrug Sveta spice line, making it more modern and convenient to use. The new design retains the main idea of ​​culinary travel, which was originally incorporated into the product concept. The brand area is reinforced with a green heat-shrink cap with the line's identity. The green color of the cap is associated with fresh, aromatic greens. The label is based on the colorful natural and urban landscapes of the origin of various spices and spices from around the world. Seasonings and spices "Around the world" will allow you to plunge into the flavor and originality of national culinary dishes from around the world. Try and be surprised at new tastes, take a trip "Around the world" without leaving your own kitchen along with seasonings and spices from "Trapeza".


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