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Kusai.me - branding

Agency "Kruche!" created a brand for a new Asian food delivery service with the mouthwatering name "Kusai.me". After the first meeting with the customer, the entire Kurche! it became clear that the future brand could become a kind of star on the Novosibirsk ready-to-eat food delivery market. To understand this, it was enough to look into the burning idea of ​​the eyes of the founders of the future institution. Thinking about the name, we studied the existing brands on the market. It is dominated by names that correspond to the traditional Japanese character of the cuisine. Dragons, sushi, hieroglyphs and other things are beautiful, but we wanted to give the brand a special charisma. As a result, we settled on the name "Kusai.me". Moreover, the Russian call to bite off some more of these fresh tasty rolls is very similar to the Japanese "Banzai!" It was decided to reinforce the name with an original corporate identity with pop-art elements. The use of this style characterizes the brand as modern, positive, focused on fun, aesthetics and pleasure. Luscious illustrations make corporate identity elements appetizing without using straightforward images of dishes or classic Asian symbols. The bright sign of the restaurant itself is radically different from its competitors and arouses active interest among passers-by. In addition to the signboard, from the street you can see the kitchen, and all the manipulations of the ingenious chef Kusai.me on it. The interior of the establishment itself is so bright and unusual that it provokes visitors to take a selfie against the background of a wall with Kusai's branded illustrations. The packaging is in line with the overall spirit of the brand. Her style is very well captured in the mind of the consumer. Photos of packages filled Instagram in a matter of days. The functionality of the packaging also does not fail, inside it is pasted over with foil, which allows you to maintain the temperature and taste of the dishes. "Kusai.me" entered the market not so long ago, but in the minds of the consumer it is already associated with the concepts of style and quality. Fresh vegetables and meat, homemade noodles in accordance with all the traditions of cooking, the right packaging and fast delivery. A wide assortment also plays into the hands: original dishes of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American cuisine arouse genuine interest. Even the drinks have a lot to choose from, from regular juice to Thai blue tea. To lend a hand in creating such a tasty and honest brand is an appetizing opportunity for any agency. And the team "Cool!" I am glad that it fell to her professional share.

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