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Justas Walker became known throughout the country in August 2014. In response to questions from reporters on the Rossiya TV channel about the farmer's attitude to the sanctions, Justas burst into such infectious laughter that this fragment of an interview instantly became one of the most popular memes on the Internet. However, behind the cheerful appearance of the hero of the Internet meme hides a socially responsible farmer and entrepreneur, an educated person, a wonderful family man. He treats his business with enviable conscientiousness and sincere interest. The products of Justas' farm are characterized by absolute naturalness and high quality. To create a brand on such a promising base is a pleasant challenge for the Kruche! Agency.


При разработке нейминга мы решили остановиться на названии «Весёлый Джастас». Таким образом, мы не только делаем отсылку к вирусной известности персонажа, но и заявляем об особой философии бренда. Ведь Джастас идёт по жизни с добродушной улыбкой, хорошо и с удовольствием делает своей дело и относится с уважением и любовью к своему потребителю.


The idea of ​​a kind and light brand for an unusual Siberian man inspired us to cooperate with an old friend of the agency. Stepan Efimov is a designer, advertising and guerrilla marketing specialist, part of the I'm Siberian project. Together we decided to create a fresh Siberian logo. Everyone in Runet knows what Justas Walker looks like, and subsequently they will intuitively search for products with this favorite image. So a literal version of a popular meme is a great way to catch the public's attention in no time.


Agency employees personally went to the Takuchet settlement of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to present Justas with stickers with a new logo for his products. The owner greeted us with his usual good nature and appreciated the work of the team. From the materials filmed during our adventure, we have put together an informative, warm and hospitable one that not only tells, but also shows all the features and benefits of products under the new brand "Merry Justas". Here you can watch a tour of the farm, meet adorable goats, and explore the product catalog. We hope that the brand created by us will be loved by numerous lovers of delicious and natural products.

Client: Justas Walker

Category: Branding

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