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digital transformation / video / creative / design designed a logo for the training club

Olive Bridge is a training club founded in 2015 in Moscow. It is a place where people can change the better side, understand themselves, find ways to enjoy work, hobbies and everyday life. Before the team "Cool!" the task was to develop a logo that corresponds to the values ​​and guidelines of the training club, so the idea of ​​self-development, mental and personal growth has become key. The tree is one of the central symbols used in different cultures. First of all, the tree personifies life, growth and development in all its manifestations. That is why the central image of the logo is a tree made in olive color, which stands firmly on a small island of land and spreads its branches widely. The name of the club is woven into the spreading crown and, with its visual form, conveys the image of the bridge. A simple ribbon adds completeness, fluidity and openness to the logo. Also, our team has adapted the logo for use on various media and sites, depending on the required size.

Category: Branding

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