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Naming and packaging Kraftig

Even making a modest renovation of his average cozy apartment, any owner dreams that the fruit of his labor would be as durable as a medieval castle. When developing a new brand, we took this feature into account. And also high consumer confidence in European brands of this category of products. The name Kräftig translated from German means “strong, strong, powerful”. These are qualities that are undoubtedly appreciated in the building materials industry. In addition, this word evokes an association with something "craft" made by the hands of a master with a soul and a responsible approach to his work. To support the name, we have developed a corporate identity. Its main visual image is the characteristic elements of the shield and tower of a medieval castle. This image helps us achieve two goals at once. To tell the buyer about the long-term reliability provided by building mixtures and about the European attitude to the quality of their manufacturer. The same theme was developed in packaging. Against a black background we see the outline of an imposing castle with solid towers, narrow loopholes, waving flags and a hospitable bridge over a defensive moat. Such packaging looks decent on a store shelf, obviously standing out from competing brands. And we hope that by purchasing products under the Kräftig brand, anyone will be able to feel like a real lord who wants to renew their family nest at their leisure.

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