Naming and identity "From My Hart"

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Naming and identity "From My Hart"

Agency "Kruche!" developed a soulful brand for a soulful gift shop.

A small and cozy store has opened in Novosibirsk, where everyone can find a suitable gift for any occasion. Our team was tasked with coming up with a name and developing a corporate identity to express the kindest feelings that the creators put into their brand.
Sometimes our feelings are so deep and sincere that it is almost impossible to find words to express them. An excellent example of this is the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko and his famous speech "Lec mi spik from may hart ...".
We decided to use part of this phrase as the name to reflect the spirit of Russian generosity, openness and sincerity inherent in every gift in a new soulful store.
What visuals fit the title "From May Hart"? Of course, something kind and stereotypically Russian. We invented and drew a bright and cute character - a bear who readily opens the door on his chest, demonstrating the breadth of his heart. A gift from such a hero definitely cannot be boring or uninteresting.

We designed the logo in a warm orange color so that From May Heart could be easily noticed and in no case passed by. In addition, such a solution adds soulfulness to the character and creates an excellent color microclimate at the point of sale. This cozy place immediately disposes to do something pleasant to your loved ones and give really necessary gifts from a pure heart.

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