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In our complex world, there are many unsolved mysteries and mysterious phenomena. For example, scientists all over the world have long puzzled over the amazing secret of cedar milk. It is a drink of great strength, an elixir of health and vigor. But where did he come from on our planet. And how can you get it at home?


Independent research laboratory of the agency "Kruche!" conducted a survey among the inhabitants of Siberia to find out how, in the opinion of the general public, cedar milk is produced. And we got the following results: Cedar milk is pressed from a cedar trunk - 30% of respondents Cedar milk is given by cedar cows - 45% of respondents Cedar milk is produced on clandestine squirrel farms - 24% of respondents Cedar milk is bought in a store - one practical George.


However, the truth, as it should be, lies somewhere nearby. We have proved that for many centuries a special caste of Siberian warriors squeezes cedar milk out of cones with their bare hands. The hero of our video decided to join these great people and dared to try this method on himself. But not everyone is given to have great power. In vain our hero shook the lump in his weakening hand. He had to surrender and gain some heroic strength with the help of ready-to-eat cedar milk from the Sava company.

Anyone can do this by simply buying a bottle of life-giving and healthy drink in the store. Yes, George, you were right.

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