"Kruche!" for "Novomarusino"

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"Kruche!" for "Novomarusino"

“Your own apartment is a fairy tale!” - the character of the series of videos “Novomarusino” as if descended from the pages of magical stories. In the creative concept for the first series of videos, developed by the Clubnik agency, the residential complex really appeared before us as a real miracle in the real estate market. We, in turn, selected a colorful actor for the role of the main character from Novomarusino and shot a series of short dynamic videos in which he spoke about the fabulous advantages of the residential complex.In the second series of videos, the protagonists were the newly made tenants of Novomarusino and told such different, but equally happy stories of moving to a new apartment. Thanks to the excellent acting and emotional presentation, we managed to achieve maximum sincerity in each of the stories of The Wonderful Relay. 
Film crew: Director - Daniil Chudinov Cameraman - Pavel Evseev Postproduction - Nikolay Goryaev, Daniil Chudinov Linear producer - Natalya Kapustina Design director - Agata Goryaeva Stylist - Svetlana Rudenko

Client: Novomarusino

Category: Video

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