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Drom.ru video production

Creative Agency "Kruche!" created a series of commercials for the national auto portal Drom.ru Any car enthusiast sooner or later needs the advice of knowledgeable people. Which car should you choose? How to deal with faults faster? What to do in case of an accident? All these questions plague motorists every day. It's good if you have a friend on hand who is well versed in all these issues and is always ready to help. But even if there is no such universal specialist with a huge baggage of auto-knowledge among your friends, there is a way out. You can find answers to almost all questions on the Drom.ru auto-portal, which will literally become your friend, who you can always turn to for advice. In a series of commercials, situations were shown when motorists turned to a fictitious friend in various critical situations. Such personalization of the service helped not only to convey the functionality of the site to the viewer, but also to make it emotionally closer and more friendly.

Client: Drom.ru

Category: Video

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