Sibakademstroy brings the dream closer!

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Sibakademstroy brings the dream closer!

Agency "Kruche!" created an advertising video for the Sibakademstroy company. The Sibakademstroy company creates beautiful houses designed for a happy, comfortable and cozy life. On the eve of the New Year, the developer decided to congratulate Novosibirsk residents on the holiday and remind them that this is a great time to finally make their wildest dreams come true. The hero of the video has long dreamed of a new home. But the hopeless streams of everyday affairs made him postpone his dreams for later. However, the comfortable conditions for buying real estate, created by the company "Sibakademstroy", prompted him to finally drop all the daily fuss and give himself and his loved ones what they had dreamed of for so long. And now we see a happy couple in their new cozy nest. The result is a bright video that conveys all the necessary information about low interest rates on mortgages in a bright, emotional and soulful way.

Client: Sibakademstroy

Category: Video

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