Dumplings Salnikov

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Dumplings Salnikov

Agency "Kruche!" developed and implemented an advertising campaign for category A dumplings from the Salnikov trademark Dumplings of category A differ from others by the highest meat content and the absence of various unhealthy additives. Therefore, for a thinking consumer, the choice in their favor is obvious. For the creators of the "Kruche!" Agency all that remained was to draw the attention of consumers to this delicious product and tell about all the advantages of the “Salnikov” category dumplings in a short playful way.For maximum clarity, it was decided to compare dumplings with people. Everyone knows how a man in good physical shape differs from a man who is far from her. Using a similar comparison of images in the video, we associatively demonstrated the obviousness of the choice between category A and category B dumplings. It is important that according to the plot of the video, the choice is made not by highbrow experts, but by ordinary customers. After all, dumplings of the category A from Salnikov is a choice for those who really think about what they eat.

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