Soulful "Cow from Korenovka"

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Soulful "Cow from Korenovka"

V kubanskom sele Korenovka vsegda solnechno i teplo. Poetomu imenno zdes' zhivut samyye dobryye i zhizneradostnyye korovy. Iz moloka, kotoroye oni dayut, poluchayutsya produkty ne tol'ko poleznyye, no i neizmenno povyshayushchiye nastroyeniye. Tak, chto dazhe khochetsya pet'. It is always sunny and warm in the Kuban village of Korenovka. Therefore, it is here that the kindest and most cheerful cows live. From the milk they give, products are obtained that are not only healthy, but also invariably uplifting. So that I even want to sing.

We shot a video worthy of the kind and light character of "Cows from Korenovka" according to the script of the WG "Melekhov and Filyurin". Its most striking detail is a perky song that tells that every family member can find a product for himself under the warm Kuban trademark. Dad - cottage cheese, children - ice cream.

It was very pleasant for us to work with the “Lady from Korenovka” team. And we would like to say special thanks to the customer for the tasty and useful props.

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