Rich Family. For a different winter

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Rich Family. For a different winter

Children grow so fast that parents sometimes do not have time to look back, as it is time to change the wardrobe of their child and prepare for the new season. I would like to get to the "magic" store, where clothes for a child can be changed only with a wave of one hand!

Responsible and modern parents in such a situation are again helped out by Rich Family hypermarkets. In them you can buy things for different occasions: from outdoor activities to clothing for severe winter frosts. The main task of the advertising campaign is to reveal this idea, demonstrating the wide range and versatility of the store. In video and outdoor advertising, the campaign was launched with the slogan " Rich Family. Different for the winter."

The hero of the video literally changes outfits at the click and transforms from one image to another. This is how shopping at Rich Family stores happens: simple and fast. And most importantly, they are sure to please both parents and children.

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