"Damskiy Ugodnik" will give you a ride in a fairy tale

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"Damskiy Ugodnik" will give you a ride in a fairy tale

Agency «Kruche!» presented a new story about the hussar «Damsky Ugodnik». This time the occasion for another advertising campaign was a generous New Year’s drawing of prizes for loyal buyers of the Ladies Ugodnik jewelry salon.

In honor of the holiday, we decided to create a fabulous video, imbued with a bright New Year mood. This is a story about a beautiful young lady walking through a mysterious winter forest. Here she finds a magic tree with decorations from «Ladies Pleasure». And, of course, he meets the permanent hero of advertising campaigns of the jewelry salon — a puffy hussar.

He gives her a car, which is the main prize of the action. The hussar remains true to himself and, as usual, brings a share of humor to the fabulous plot of the video. We especially thank our beloved partners from the East Nova company, who provided us with a fur coat that completed the fabulous image of our heroine.

We believe that, despite all the difficulties and treacherous autumn rains during the filming period, we managed to create a real magical winter fairy tale. And it is always nice to know that a commercial not only solves the client’s problem, but also gives a good festive mood.

Client: Damskiy Ugodnik

Category: Video

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