Smart machines with Caterpillar Trimble Control technologies

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Smart machines with Caterpillar Trimble Control technologies

Earlier we did not even suspect that it is enough to control the bulldozer only "forward", "backward" and "left-right", because Caterpillar Trimble Control technologies can turn not only a bulldozer into a smart machine, but almost any other quarry "machine". The Trimble global 3D leveling system, into which the project is loaded, which then - in the form of a 3D model of the work plan, goes digitally to the site, is loaded into the required machine or group of machines, and allows you to increase the productivity of equipment up to 2 or more times due to exclusion of the human factor. In the case of a bulldozer, for example, the system completely controls the movement of the blade, and the operator only moves the bulldozer over the construction site.We took part in the survey of a case from Sitech, a global supplier of Caterpillar Trimble Control systems, at the customer - Irkutsk Oil Company, at the Irkutsk headquarters and site in Ust-Kut. It was really cool and technologically advanced! Look!

Sitech:leading global solution provider

Caterpillar Trimble Control : 3D leveling system

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