Website for the elite residential complex "Montblanc"

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Website for the elite residential complex "Montblanc"

Montblanc is an elite residential complex under construction in the quiet center of Novosibirsk. Its main feature is the perfect combination of developed infrastructure and advanced design in a relatively small enclosed area.

Before the agency "Kruche!" the task was to create сайт, which would look no less luxurious and presentable than the residential complex itself. The visual solution of the project is based on the provided Montblanc logo and reflects solidity, elitism, modernity and a European approach.

People who choose real estate in premium segment complexes appreciate the convenience and aesthetic component of everything they deal with. Therefore, when designing the site, mainly dark, calm colors and shades, high quality images and textures were used, corresponding to the impeccable image of the residential complex and the expectations of the target audience. Responsive animations, smooth transitions and intuitive navigation make browsing the site as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The highlight of the site is the incredibly beautiful change of day and night on the home page, allowing you to see the Montblanc Residence in all its glory at any time of the day.


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