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We had to bring to the Novosibirsk market a new product for the Trapeza company - a dry mix for ice cream "Recipes Vkusa". Promotion channel - Social networks.

The target audience

To create the maximum coverage of the target audience — children from 9 to 15 years old and their parents, we have chosen the social network Vkontakte, where most of our target audience are concentrated.

laptop photo
laptop photo

Community concept

Keeping in mind that the main motivation for buying ice cream comes from children, we have developed a concept that emphasizes independence as much as possible. For children, this is an important moment that will cause consent, and therefore loyalty to the product.
So, we have established contact with the main audience already at the stage of the title: «Freeze». The trendy emoji-style design of the group attracted the attention of the target audience even more.


For an active dialogue with subscribers, we came up with a hero that will be close to the target audience in spirit — the character of Dream Go, created in the image of popular bloggers who enjoy authority with our target audience.

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Content direction

The focus of the content is dictated by the interests of the target audience: trending films, cartoons, unusual information about ice cream, bright news feeds and polls. Special grocery posts with visualization of the cooking process became a special feature ice cream «Taste Recipes» and a beautiful result.

This is how we increased the awareness of the product. In addition, we broadcast the locations of ice cream sales points around the city in order to bring subscribers closer to buying.

Competitive mechanics

We have developed two large-scale engagement contests and additional supporting mechanics on a regular basis. In the first competition, we created a reach of 100 thousand people and increased the number of subscribers from 10 to 2200 people, forming active core of loyal users.

In the next competition with more complex mechanics, the number of participants involved was 45, and the number of users in the group increased to 2500 people. We also used small supporting contests to keep subscribers attention.

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With the help of native advertising in the news feed, we created user transitions to the embedded Yandex map. The user saw all the shops in Novosibirsk, where they sell Recipes Vkusa ice cream.

Another target area was the created target audience segment, where we targeted mothers of children, group subscribers. We parted from popular communities for moms of all representatives of the right age. And, with the help of Cerebro, we made the intersection of the id-addresses of these mothers with the children-members of our group. As a result, we got a parsed audience of the parents of our subscribers. For the audience we received, we set up another targeted campaign, encouraging mothers to join the group to support their child.


In the first two months, the Taste Recipes group gained 2500 subscribers through natural growth. We managed to increase the level of product recognition and build customer loyalty.

In addition, we revealed the advantages of the «Taste Recipes» mixture and worked out the mechanics of preparing the product.

The coverage of loyal consumers through the #FreezeSam group amounted to 223644 people and went beyond Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region, reaching Tomsk, Omsk, Vladimir and Suzdal.

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