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Loyalty system mobile application


Implement a loyalty system in the mobile application of one of the largest fast food restaurant chains.


To accomplish the task, we analyzed the largest loyalty systems and offered the customer a solution that would satisfy his consumers as much as possible. The main thing is that the digital transformation of the loyalty system has become possible, as a result of which the Vilka-Lozhka Network and its consumers will be able to abandon physical plastic cards in favor of a mobile application.

Technology stack

Backend - Bitrix Mobile, Bitrix Site Management Small Business. Frontend - HTML5 + Javascript (BX, jQuery).






The cashier asks for a bonus card? The answer is yes!

With the "Vilka-Lojka" application, the bonus card is always in your phone. You don't have to look for it among a pile of other discounts and coupons.

The route has been completed!

With the application you can always find the nearest restaurant "Fork-Lozhka". Don't stay hungry, have lunch along the way, save time.

Delicious news on your phone!

Be the first to know about new menus, promotions and offers from the restaurants "Fork-Lozhka". Be always aware of what is happening in the world of tasty and healthy.

How much is there?

You can find out the balance of bonus points online. You always know how many bonuses you can spend.

What delicious things! Give me two!

You can afford more with a bonus card. Pay up to half of your check with bonuses and save on every purchase.