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«December, January and soup»

Prints and slogan for the seasonal menu of the fast food chain "Vilka-Lozhka"

What does winter consist of? Of course, December, January and…. soup?!

This is how we imagine the winter season, when we warm ourselves up with a delicious and warm lunch in the fast-food restaurants “Vilka-Lozhka”.

Kruche! Developed a concept of prints for the «Vilka-Lozhka» restaurant chain, the purpose of which is to announce a new winter menu. The main feature of the restaurant, for which guests love it so much, is delicious and homemade cuisine. That is why our concept is based on the image of a winter dinner in a family circle, the atmosphere of which is filled with kindness and homeliness. The idea is revealed in small but significant attributes of a winter feast: seasonal berries, spices, cones and spruce branches. The visual image is complemented by a slogan that echoes a popular expression from a Russian film:«First, second and compote»

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