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ice cream ball
ice cream ball
girl with ice cream

Ice cream is one of the favorite delicacies of children and adults. Trapeza has released a line of dry mixes for soft ice cream under the Recipes Vkusa trademark: creamy, chocolate and strawberry. Now you can prepare your favorite dessert at home without any problems.

We were faced with the task of developing a design that would make the buyer want to make soft ice cream on his own, as well as create a visual image of a new product. Friendly and clear design creates an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. The color scheme gives the feeling of sincere children’s joy and fun.

ice cream image
spoon with ice cream

Ice cream is a sweet antidepressant. That is why the main color of the packaging is orange, it evokes positive emotions and cheers up.

Mix for making soft ice cream «Recipes of Taste» is an excellent opportunity to pamper your family with a new delicacy at any time of the year.

spoon with ice cream
ice cream