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Brief background:

Team kruchenas.net developed a product lifestyle website for the Russian division of TM MacCoffee.
Colleagues from the headquarters in Singapore appreciated the implementation of the project, and the concept «grew» from one country to the whole world.

Technology stack:

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bitrix.


People are different, MacCoffee is one! This concept formed the basis of a global website from which you can go to websites of other countries. And let people speak different languages, they all have one thing in common — coffee as a lifestyle. This is how the TM MacCoffee website turned into a prototype of a messenger. As with any social network, the emphasis is on emotional content. Each character has their own favorite drink, you can see the product lines and the history of the brand, following the events in the timeline, and keeping abreast of all the news.

Intuitive minimal design

First, the user gets to know the person and his emotions from the drink, and then, by clicking on
packaging, see the description.
The site contains a large number of products and information about the company. However, it remains light
and understandable.
This is a merit not only of structuredness, but also of design. The search bar allows you to quickly find
necessary information.

Responsive and multilingual website

The site is displayed on all devices. By clicking on the language selection button, you can easily switch from the global versions to local sections of the site, which reflects all the products available for a particular country. Transitions for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have already been implemented, and in the future they will be added and other countries of the brand’s presence.