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Website for Novosibirsk Regional Hospital

Create a new website that simplifies
patient interaction with the hospital.
Hospital history
We have presented important stages of development in the form of infographics.
78 years of work accompanied by photographs from the archive, and history hospitals are literally scrolling through.
oblmed history
Version for the visually impaired
By law, all websites of government agencies must have
version for the visually impaired. We made this version to simplify the work with the site for people who have vision problems.
From the doctor’s questionnaire, the user learns about the qualifications, education, work experience of a specialist, and sees a list of services that he provides. This will facilitate the choice of the patient and allow you to make an appointment with the doctor you like.
The site is convenient to use from mobile phones, tablets and computers, regardless of the screen size.
We have thought out the usage scenarios for each section,
and based on that, thirty-four prototypes were drawn.