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A culinary journey with the new brand of Marco Krollo

Rabbit meat is an unusual product on supermarket shelves, but now it is becoming available to everyone. In order to attract the attention of customers with a new delicacy, we have developed a brand that maximally reveals the uniqueness of the product itself, distinguishing it among the types of meat and poultry that are familiar to us.
marko krolo
Like a great traveler, the Marco Crolo brand takes you on a culinary journey and opens the world of delicious rabbit meat. The previously unseen natural taste and excellent quality are a real find for everyone who cares about their health, necessary for new discoveries and grandiose achievements. An inquisitive traveler, constantly striving to learn something new, lives in every culinary specialist, whether he is a professional or a home amateur. This inspired us to create a romantic name with a memorable image: «Marco Crolo».

A postage stamp is easily read in the product logo — the main attribute of a travel lover. The stamp captures the moment when our little hero Marco Crolo swiftly swims into the unknown sea distance, following the solar compass, like a real great traveler.
marko krolo
marko krolo
Nutritious, gentle and dietary. Rabbit meat will appeal to active, energetic and inquisitive people. That is why we have developed a modern and bright packaging design. First of all, the buyer’s eyes are focused on the product itself. The color range visually matches the taste of the product. At first glance, the image of something very delicate and light is created, but at the same time, this product can sparkle with completely different colors, depending on the method of preparation. The accompanying details of a full meal and the cooking process create a complete image of the dish, and the rich natural colors seem to charge the product with positive energy.
marko krolo
marko krolo