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Full cycle creative advertising agency

digital transformation / video / creative / design



Develop a booklet that will be distributed to real estate agencies. This is the first visual that will tell the future buyer about the developer and the Aquamarine residential complex.

«My childhood was spent in the house by the river. It was a happy time! In the cool morning hours, when the fog covered the river like a warm blanket, my father and I went fishing. Many years have passed, and I still remember the first bite and the bright crucian carp that jumped out of the water on my fishing rod.«

I know that in the Aquamarine residential complex my children will learn the happiness of living by the river.

Dmitry Petrov.

«The idea of ​​enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the privileges of city life seemed unrealistic. But we found this place! Here nature and civilization have merged into one. I want my children to grow up here on the beach in a modern residential complex. Where sunsets and sunrises are especially beautiful, the air is cool and the accommodation is comfortable and modern.«

Irina Petrova.

«Dad said that ships will be visible from our window! When I grow up, I will become a sailor! Everyone will walk along the embankment, and I will sit on a beautiful ship and set off on a long voyage. «

Kostya Petrova.

«I will have my own room. Mom says that our new apartment has enough space for everyone! Maybe they will give me a puppy and he will accompany me to school. It’s not far here. «

Katya Petrova.

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