spared no foam for the BFK company

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digital transformation / video / creative / design spared no foam for the BFK company

The quality of a window in an apartment largely depends on its professional installation. Therefore, the main resource of the BFK company is its well-trained, responsible personnel. In order to demonstrate this fact, the creators of the Kruche! Agency decided to talk about the everyday life of the BFK employees. After all, their professional habits are so deeply rooted in their minds that they are often transferred to their outside work personal life.For example, an installer, accustomed not to skimp on foam when installing a window, also applies to shaving foam for everyone. And the measurer cannot even cut the cake at the holiday, the production of not the most accurate measurements and calculations. The campaign included outdoor and print advertising. As a result, it was possible not only to talk about the high quality of BFK windows, but also to establish the personal, personal side of employees, to make the company closer to the consumer.

Client: BFK

Category: Campaigns

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