Key visuals for TG Levoberezhny

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Key visuals for TG Levoberezhny

The shopping city of Levoberezhny has long been a favorite shopping destination for Novosibirsk residents. Relatively low prices, familiar sellers, the ability to bargain, a large selection of goods from a variety of categories. Until recently, all these benefits were obvious to people. However, the younger generations are happy to shop in comfortable supermarkets, following fashionable marketing campaigns. The semi-market format of Levoberezhka began to lose its popularity. One cannot remain indifferent, it is necessary to draw the attention of the general public to this important social problem! Therefore, the team of the agency "Kruche!" proposed to the Levoberezhny Trade City the concept of a campaign in the format of "social advertising". We have posted catchy messages aimed at different groups of buyers. In one of them, a child with a sophisticated look urged family buyers to save their money and buy food in Levoberezhka. On the other, a positive entrepreneur urged colleagues to take care of their business and choose the Trade City as a profitable supplier. The outdoor advertising was supported by a series of audio clips, in the appropriate style, encouraging people to think about careful attitude to their finances and a reasonable approach to shopping. This concept was continued in the advertising of the company's promotional offers. We presented the information about the prize drawing in the same bright style, but in a more positive way. And they supported the outdoor with a kind pseudo-social audio clip, motivating listeners to make good changes in life.

Client: Trade City "Levoberezhny"

Category: Campaign

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