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Don is useful

Agency "Kruche!" has developed the most rewarding advertising campaign for the healthiest water. The source for the water for the "Don" was searched for more than two years. The manufacturer wanted to offer his fellow countrymen really healthy water, with an ideal balance of minerals and the content of nutrients. And, finally, the residents of the Volgograd region got the opportunity to keep their bodies in good shape and get a boost of vivacity with the help of the ideally useful Dona water. The team of our agency was tasked with telling about the benefits of Don's water as clearly as possible. And we decided to make the dream of many advertising workers come true - to make a campaign that is not only effective, but also useful for people. At the core of this campaign are useful exercises that anyone can repeat. In August, unusual banners appeared on the streets of Volgograd. Every passer-by could use them to stretch the joints of the neck or do eye exercises that would help to relax and unwind. And at the same time to study all the advantages of the water "Don". The idea of ​​outdoor advertising was duplicated in videos. Easy and effective eye exercises were also their main theme. The videos are made in a laconic form, which does not distract the viewer from performing useful exercises.A capacious packshot says that Don's water is as useful as its advertising. Such a game with the consumer helps to convey all the benefits of water as clearly as possible, as if it does not go unnoticed and, finally, makes people's lives a little better.

Client:Holding ANM Group


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