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Aquamarine - buy ready-made! Digital + offline has completed a project on the creative and production of the key visual for the Aquamarine residential complex from TDSK JSC. The advantage of the Aquamarine residential complex is that it is 100% finished housing, which has been renovated, and the buyer, literally right after the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement, can call into a new apartment. The absence of risks in the deal, landscaped grounds, a view of the river and the bay, in which the "Rockets" are on the quay are just some of the additional bonuses of "Aquamarine". We used one of the main insights of any buyer - not to stay after a deal with only securities, but to get an apartment here and now, and the slogan “Buy ready-made” reflects the target message of the new advertising campaign in the most accessible way.

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In production, we used the matte painting technique, illustration, and 3D modeling.


In addition, as part of the advertising campaign, an audio clip was developed and recorded, as well as a digital campaign in social media.


Client: JSC TDSK

Brand:LCD Aquamarine

Category: Campaigns

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